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{DIY} Crochet Christmas Tree Garland


{DIY} Crochet Christmas Tree Garland


I think it’s about time I did a quick Christmas crochet DIY before it gets too late to start hooking up anything festive.

This Christmas tree garland is really easy to make and I think it looks really cute either on the fireplace, wall or hung from a shelf. I’ve stuck to white for mine and used it to decorate Albert’s cot but you can go for classic green or red or go full on neon brights and the bunting will look just as lovely.


What You Need:

  • White DK wool
  • A 4.00mm crochet hook
  • Mini pegs
  • Twine

How to Make it:

  1. Make five (or as many as you want) Christmas trees using this crochet pattern.
  2. Cut a length of twine for your garland.
  3. Using the mini pegs, clip each tree onto the twine.

And that’s it! A really simple but beautiful crochet Christmas tree garland.


Are you planning on making any crochet decorations this year? I’d love to hear about them if you are. If you’re looking for some inspiration then check out Wren Kitchens’ #24DaysofWren advent calendar, for a new craft idea each day.

Lots of garland love,






Written as part of the #24DaysofWren campaign.

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