Adventure of a Lifetime - Albert and Me
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Adventure of a Lifetime

Adventure of a Lifetime


Last Saturday I went to watch Coldplay at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester with Wayne and his brother. I was so excited about going to the concert as I’ve never seen them live before but a bit nervous too as it was going to be Albert’s first night away from us. He was staying at Wayne’s parents as it was going to be a late finish and while it meant a night of FREEDOM and not to mention SLEEP, I just felt a bit wah about it. Just because it was the first time, although I knew he would be fine.

Etihad Stadium Manchester

We arrived in Manchester nice and early after a pitstop at Pizza Hut en route. (Gutbuster). I’ve been to the Etihad a few times before for rugby league and football but never for a concert. One thing I like about it as a venue is there is loads of room on the concourse to walk about, get food and drink and relax before the gig. We were lucky with the weather as it was so sunny and hot – I can’t imagine how grim it would have been if it had been chucking it down. We met up with someone from work for a chat (OK, our boss!) before going in just before 8pm.

Etihad Stadium Manchester Etihad Stadium Manchester

Something brilliant about Coldplay gigs is that you get a Xyloband wristband which flashes different colours throughout the set to create a stunning light show. You can get an idea of what it’s like in my photos and videos below.

Xyloband wristband

We caught a bit of Lianne La Havas who was one of the support acts (pretty good) and then it was time for Coldplay.

Lasers, coloured smoke, confetti, a kaleidoscope of lights and A Headful of Dreams – the name of the tour – kicked things off for the next two hours. There was a load of upbeat songs, quite a few slower and older ones and some classics. My favourites were Charlie Brown as the wristbands and lights made it spectacular, Adventure of a Lifetime (which I think is one of their best songs and the lyrics are so fab) and Fix You, which was beautiful with some real sing-along hairs standing up on the back of your neck moments. I’m so glad we went to the gig and my worries about leaving Albert for the night disappeared.

image Coldplay at Manchester Xyloband wristband image


I think that’s all part of having a baby and learning to adapt your old life. As cheesy as it might sound, you could say it really is an adventure of a lifetime. There’s so much worry, fun and second guessing, broken sleep but limitless cuddles and smiles. A new level of love that I never knew was possible before all wrapped up in the cutest, chubby little body. Deep down I knew everything would be OK with Albert sleeping at his grandparents but it was the first time he had been away from us overnight so the worry kicked in. But it was all fine. And Wayne and I got to spend the evening doing things as a couple and being us, like we were before Albert stormed onto the scene. It was fun, relaxing and a welcome break. Even if we did only get back home at 1am and woke at 5.30am out of habit. (Still, we got to turn back over and fall back asleep without having to feed a mini bald man who then slaps us in the face for half an hour before wriggling back towards the land of nod).

We’re going to a wedding in a couple of weeks and Albert is going to be staying with Wayne’s parents again but I now know that I need not worry. He had a whale of a time on his sleepover and I now know it’s OK for me to relax about it and make the most of all the precious sleep myself while I can.

Here’s a (very short) video clip from the night. I hope you enjoy it!

Coldplay - Adventure of a Lifetime

Lots of Coldplay love,


  • Katie

    Jun 07 at 10:23 am Reply

    Glad you had a great time. We are seeing them at Wembley next week. Can’t wait! Xx

  • Cherine

    Oct 13 at 2:07 am Reply

    Hi, Were you at Level 3 of the stadium? You have a great bird eye view! Thank you the post 🙂

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