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Five things that make my life so much easier as a mum

Five things that make my life so much easier as a mum

hold on to mummy

I was going to call this blog post “Five things that make my life so much easier” but then I realised a couple of these things have only really been mega useful since I started looking after a bundle-of-fun mini bald eagle. But they’re not “mumsy” or dull, and if you’re still young and hip and can leave the house without a vague waft of sick/Calpol or the remnants of a rice cake stuck to your shoulder you might still like them too.

  1. Salt Water sandals
    salt water sandals
    These are a fairly recent addition to my wardrobe but I’ve got to say that they are the Holy Grail of sandals. I’ve been looking for something comfy, stylish, that doesn’t rub or make the soles of my feet go mega dirty (like what happens with my fave flip-flops) for EVER. OK, so you might have seen them on Instagram (I hadn’t but I’ve since realised this is a thing) and scoffed at people jumping on the bandwagon, but the bandwagon is rolling because they are SO GOOD. The idea is to wear them then stand in some water (I picked a nice warm bath) then let them mould to your feet. I’ve walked for miles in them, not a plaster in sight, and I didn’t get one rub or blister mark. My feet are wide as wide can be too. If you’re planning on doing any kind of walking this summer either with or without a pram then these are da bomb. And yes I bought them myself and no I wasn’t paid to say any of this.
  2. WhatsApp groups
    Funnily enough I found out about Salt Water sandals in a WhatsApp group I’m in with some of my mum friends. Ahh how essential things collide. My husband is in quite a few chat groups with his mates and I never really got the point of group chats that much until I joined a group of new mums I’d met at classes and a separate group of mums I’d met online. That sounds weird doesn’t it, but the lovely Robyn who set it up explains it much more eloquently than I ever could here. We plan meet ups, days out, talk about all of the baby stuff other people get bored hearing about, have laughs, rants, lots of wisdom and support and the chat often starts at 5am when you feel like the only person in the world who’s awake. It’s like a mini support network in your phone.
  3. All 4/iPlayer/ITV Hub
    I’ve been a longtime fan of Netflix (although I’m yet to start on the new series of Orange is the New Black) but I’m loving all of the catch up players. We’ve got YouView so we can watch them through our TV and it means I can cue up The Good Wife or several episodes of Hey Duggee for Albert at the drop of a hat. The only stuff I actually watch as it happens on TV are live sport and, ahem, Love Island, so these players are a Godsend. Although ITV Hub is a bit clunky and could do with making a bit more user friendly, just in case any ITV bods happen to stumble across this post.
  4. iWatch
    So this is a bit of an extravagance maybe and I never really saw the point of Apple’s all singing and dancing watch until Wayne bought me one for my birthday. But now I think I’d really struggle without it. Quite often I have no idea where my phone is in the house and it’s ALWAYS on silent, just in case Albert decides to have an impromptu nap. There’s not many things worse than just getting your baby off to sleep for them to be woken up by the sound of an incoming message or a phone call from someone trying to sell you windows. Enter the iWatch, which vibrates on my wrist and then lets me answer the phone ON THE WATCH ITSELF, Star Trek style. I know. Yeah if I did it in public I would probably look like a bit of a lunatic but at home this is a lifesaver. I can also read my emails on there along with messages, cruise around Instagram and monitor my daily activity and the number of calories I’ve burned. It’s great and it even reminds me what day it is and tells the time, so you know, all bases covered.
  5. The notes app on my phone
    Not as all singing and all dancing as a magical watch, granted, but this simple app is one I use every day. When Albert was a mini baby and we had to see how much milk he was having and at what times, it went into a note. I’ve kept that now and it makes me a bit emotional to look at it now he’s a total milk (and food) guzzler. If I need to get something from the shops, it goes in a note. I write a lot of blog posts in there and to-do lists too. You can keep your fancy personal organisers, but please don’t ever separate me from my notes app.


So there you go, five things that make my life so much easier. Do you have anything that makes your day go that little bit smoother? Apart from all of the tea and coffee, as that’s pretty much a given these days.


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