Three Days in London - Albert and Me
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Three Days in London

Three Days in London


Last week Albert and I headed off on an adventure to London to see Wayne who was working there covering Wimbledon. I was slightly nervous about doing such a long car journey with Albert on my own but he was fine, even when the trip back turned into a five-hour traffic nightmare. Not that I’m in a rush to do it again soon, though.

We couldn’t get into the All England club and Wayne was working very long days so we had plenty of time to go marauding around and checking stuff out. I’d bought a stroller especially for the trip as while our Oyster 2 pram folds up relatively small compared with some, it was just a bit too hefty to be hauling onto public transport (plus it wouldn’t fit in my car). I’m so glad I got it (a Zeta Vooom in case you’re interested) as it was so light and did the job perfectly.


We arrived just after lunchtime on the Tuesday and I decided to just stay around where we were staying in Teddington. The river Thames wasn’t so far away so Albert and I headed to Teddington locks then had a walk up the river bank to Kingston-upon-Thames and back. It was a nice walk on a smooth path, although slightly longer than I bargained for and we got caught in the rain just before getting back to the hotel.


The next morning all three of us went out for breakfast then headed to Wimbledon so I could have a nosey at what was going on and get a bit of the atmosphere from outside. I wanted to get in so badly – maybe when Albert’s a bit older! After Wayne had left for work, Albert and I strolled down to Wimbledon village and had to duck into Costa for a drink as heavy rain again decided to ruin the party. Stupid me had forgotten to bring a coat too, ever the optimist about British summertime.

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A wander around shops later and lunch at the hotel (with Albert sitting in a makeshift high chair!) we then headed to Richmond Park for the afternoon. Maybe it’s because we were on our own or maybe it’s because the weather wasn’t great but I found it a bit boring. We checked out King Henry’s mound and saw a stag but it wasn’t that great for a nine month old baby I don’t think.

King henry's mound

For our last day in London I’d arranged to meet a friend for lunch on the Southbank, so after a morning of pottering and packing we hopped on the train and bundled into Waterloo station. The great thing about the South bank is that it’s perfect if you have a pram or a buggy as everything is accessible. Step free heaven. Albert and I had a bit of a walk, saw Parliament and played in the makeshift Copacabana beach that was there. We then met my friend at the Pizza Express behind the Royal Festival Hall (which is great for kids) for a really nice lunch before heading back to the hotel to pick up the car and get on our way home.


It was a really nice (if long) few days, and while we weren’t able to see Wayne a lot because of his work, it was nice to be able to see him for the time we did. It was also fun to explore a new bit of London with my mini side kick for a couple of days, although you can keep your five hour traffic-riddled journey home.

Lots of London love,


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