These are the Days - Albert and Me
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These are the Days

These are the Days


I’m not usually one to get overly soppy or write poems but over the past couple of weeks I’ve been really thinking about how I want to soak up and enjoy every last moment of my time with Albert while he’s so little. He’s nine-and-a-half months now and his first birthday seems to be hurtling towards me at a rate of knots and it made me a bit emotional. I was trying to think of the best way to express my feelings about it and to try and remember all of the little things and moments that I love so much and I ended up settling on a poem. This is the first poem I’ve written since my English GCSE (so it’s probably terrible) but it sums up how I feel. I hope you like it.


These are the Days

These are the days I never want to forget,

The fuzz on your head, the fluff in your neck,

The way you nuzzle your face into my nook,

Then pop your head up for a nosy and look,

The days when you were tiny seem so far away,

A dot of wriggling red who came home to stay,

Your spindly long legs are no longer so lean,

Now you have creases and folds so cuddly in the extreme,

The way you roll over to face me when we’re laying in bed,

Then reach your arm over for a cuddle instead.


These are the days I never want to forget,

Your cute little feet, the smell of your neck,

So much has happened that is already a haze,

Due to a whirl of tiredness, coffee and the new mum stunned daze,

You’re no longer the little baby I once held in my arms,

But with every single day I’m more in love with your charms,

You wiggle and dance, you laugh and play,

I could listen to your giggles every hour of the day,

Your beautiful little face has now become your own,

Not the scrunched up little newborn that we took home,

Being your mum is the most amazing gift ever,

It’s not been a year, but it feels like forever.


These are the days I never want to forget,

Our family of three, in love since we met,

Splashing with daddy each night in the bath,

Best pals together always having a laugh,

Your little crossed legs when you’re out in the pram,

Cruising around whenever we can,

I’ll take the poonamis, the rough with the smooth,

All the broken sleep and the lack of a groove,

Because you’re the absolute best thing that’s happened to me,

The whirlwind of love who made me a mummy.



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  • Lauren

    Jul 13 at 8:46 am Reply

    Lovely poem and I can 100% relate. I want to keep stopping time and not forget the little things that make me smile so much every day. I’m constantly feeling waves of emotion thinking back to the bump last summer and tiny baby days last Autumn and how you never know when it’s going to be the last time they do certain things. I’m lucky M is still pretty stationary with no teeth so not growing up too quickly thankfully! X

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