Nappy Know-How with ASDA Little Angels - Albert and Me
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Nappy Know-How with ASDA Little Angels

Nappy Know-How with ASDA Little Angels

ASDA Little Angels

Last Sunday I headed to super-fancy five star hotel Oulton Hall in Leeds for a bit of pampering and to find out more about Asda Little Angels nappies. I think we’ve tried every nappy on the market (apart from Pampers, randomly, as they are pretty spendy) but I was keen to find out about products I hadn’t heard of and maybe learn a thing or two. 

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I’ve got to admit that up until now my approach to nappies has been “QUICK! GRAB SOME FROM THE NEAREST SUPERMARKET” when we run out or casually picking some on our weekly shop in Aldi without a thought. Although strike me down, parenting and blogging overlords, as I’m not a massive fan of the multi-award winning Aldi nappies at all. I know *GASP*. Albert’s a pretty big baby and the tabs at the sides don’t stretch meaning he’s not got much wriggle room and there’s often a big gapey bit at the back. Not great when it comes to the whole number two situation. 

Anyway, I digress. The event kicked off and two and we were shown and talked through the Little Angels range by lovely brand rep Nicole. Here are some interesting things I picked up:

  • Your baby will have about 4,500 nappy changes before growing out of them (on average). Four thousand five hundred. That’s a lot. A lot and much more than I realised. 
  • The + nappies, like 4+ and 5+ for example, are extra absorbent for a bit more protection than your standard 4 or 5 overnight. How did I never know that? I just thought they were bigger nappies!
  • The Little Angels first pants (pull up pants but like a nappy for absorption) start at a size 4. So if your baby starts pulling them open (hi Albert) or wriggles around so much they unfasten, then these are a great option. Plus they have cars, flowers or Peppa Pig on them too if that floats your baby’s boat. 
  • The potty training pants stay a bit wet so your toddler cottons on to what’s going on down there. Clever. 
  • Each nappy as a size guide on the front. If the side fasteners don’t fasten up on the coloured bit, you need to size up. Really clever. This takes a lot of the guess work out of what size of nappy your baby needs, especially when the weight range on the bigger sizes is so wide.

Little Angels nappies

After the talk we were all pampered in the spa which was lovely and I really enjoyed my back massage and were treated to afternoon tea. I also had a manicure but maybe I’m just a bit spoiled as I’m used to Shellac (which is dry as soon as you’ve had them done) but I managed to smudge three nails by the time I left despite not touching anything during the 45 minute drying time. I guess once you Shellac you don’t go back. 

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It was such a great afternoon chatting to other bloggers and meeting some people I follow or have seen around Twitter and Instagram. I left with a pack of Supreme Protection nappies under my arm and some of the pull up pants to test drive on Albert (which I was hoping might be a bit of a revelation). We’ve used standard Little Angels nappies on him before when he was a newborn but they seemed to be a bit hit and miss when it came to not leaking.


Not the Supreme Protection ones though, as we’ve used and loved them in smaller sizes. The thing I really like about these nappies is that they have both side and back elastic so they are a good fit for him despite him being on the chunkier side. Plus there’s a size guide on the front of each nappy too. I think I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of night time leaks he’s had in these and I can’t say that for Lidl or Aldi nappies. 


The pull up pants were interesting and maybe Albert is a little young for them yet despite being able to fit in them. He’s only 10 months so nowhere near potty training or being able to pull them up for himself. BUT they fit him really well (even if they were a bit faffy to get on), had a snug fit round the elasticated sides, which you can rip open if you need to to deal with whatever’s in there, and were super absorbent. I felt like these offered more protection at the sides as the side tags of nappies often end up bunched up, if you know what I mean, but these don’t. 

I was also given a few other things from the Little Angels range to try including a gentle conditioning shampoo (which smells lovely) and some bedtime lotion (which I’ve started using on myself as Albert has a special cream as he has mild eczema).


I also came away with some Mum-to-be moisturising bump butter, stretch mark oil and shower cream which all smells gorgeous and I’m going to keep them for the next person I know who gets pregnant.


I had a really lovely afternoon and if anything it’s made me think a bit more about the whole nappy thing. I know they’re not the be all and end all in the grand scheme of all things baby, but a dry bum is a good place to start. Asda nappies are all three packs for £10 too so they’re not any more expensive than the Aldi ones which everyone else but me seems to love so much. I can’t compare them to Pampers as I’ve never used them.


I hope you’ve found this post helpful and I really can recommend ASDA Little Angels Supreme Protetiom nappies (especially if you have a chunky baby) as they fit Albert really well and very rarely leak. In fact I can’t remember the last time they did.

Lots of nappy love,


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