About - Albert and Me
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A bit more about me

Hello, I’m Kate. I’ve always loved taking photographs ever since I was little girl. Back then it was photos of my dog and of friends on school trips, with all the excitement of waiting to get the film developed then sticking the pictures into a scrapbook. I ended up working in IT and then journalism, where I rediscovered my love of images behind a video camera. It wasn’t until my son Albert was born that I realised how much I love taking pictures and just how precious photos of little ones can be. Children change so much in such a short space of time and capturing them at their most innocent and inquisitive makes me so happy.

Since becoming a mum I see things differently and how ordinary little details can make the most special of moments. It’s these things that help me to capture the real you in the most relaxed way. My photos are all about simplicity and natural everyday life. While there are some posed shots I prefer to stay on the edge of things and record natural moments, especially ones where the subject is caught up in their own little world.

Away from photography I love crafts, especially crochet, and you can find more about that on my blog. I also enjoy traveling and I’m a big sports fan. I love to watch rugby, cricket and football but can get into pretty much any sport!