Kate - 24/31 - Albert and Me
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15 Ways to make your #happymail Super Happy

Hello everyone! How are you all doing? I arrived back from my trip to Glasgow to find my first piece of #happymail sitting on the doormat. If you've never heard of #happymail it's basically a lovely letter that you write to someone just so they get...


Why Do You Craft?

I wanted to talk about something a bit different today and delve into the reasons why people, including some of my favourite craft bloggers, love to make. Ever since I started crafting I've found it has made a real positive impact on my life, so much...


Behind the Scenes at the Commonwealth Games

I know I've mentioned it before but I'm currently in Glasgow with work to cover the Commonwealth Games. Both Wayne and I are sports journalists - I'm reporting on the gymnastics and Wayne is doing swimming/other bits and pieces - and I thought it might be interesting to...