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Playing Hooky with Lucy from Attic24

I've got something a bit special on my blog today as I've been chatting to the very lovely Lucy, aka crochet pattern designer extraordinaire and blogging powerhouse behind the massively successful Attic24 blog. I'm such a big fan of Lucy's blog and her crochet patterns (especially...



Just over two weeks ago, Wayne and I welcomed our baby boy into the world. After 12-and-a-half hours of labour, a traumatic birth and several days in hospital, our little family is finding its feet. This is just a quick post to introduce our little man,...

Sunny Filey beach - Beak Up Crafts

Our last holiday as a Couple

Last week, Wayne and I went away for our last holiday as just the two of us before a small crying person comes into our lives. We went to Filey on the Yorkshire coast and stayed at Haven's Primrose Valley park for seven days. I...

Kate-Beak-Up-Crafts - pregnant by Buttercrumble

Slowing Down

Illustration by Buttercrumble. See bottom of post for more details I think pregnancy is one of those weird and wonderful things that is slightly different for everyone and just when you think you've got it sussed it throws you another curveball. Don't get me wrong, I'm still...

Scarborough sea front - Beak Up Crafts

Life Lately

Things have been pretty busy lately so I thought I would share a bit of an update about what's been going on and what we've been up to in the last few weeks. At the start of the month Wayne and I went to a wedding...


The Taboo of Trying for a Baby

So, here's some big news if you didn't already see it over on my Instagram page: Wayne and I recently found out that we are going to become parents for the first time later on this year which is the BEST NEWS EVER! After a very up...