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When knitting goes bad

I've wanted to learn how to knit for some time now. Without doubt the driving force behind this has been all of the gorgeous mini hand knit cardigans that we have been given for Albert. I love all of the cabling, bobbles and patterns and...


Playing Hooky with Lucy from Attic24

I've got something a bit special on my blog today as I've been chatting to the very lovely Lucy, aka crochet pattern designer extraordinaire and blogging powerhouse behind the massively successful Attic24 blog. I'm such a big fan of Lucy's blog and her crochet patterns (especially...


The Tale of the Little Yellow Hat

When Albert came screaming into the world five weeks ago Wayne and I weren't prepared for anything that happened. In those few hours that followed, a little yellow hat became one of the most precious things that we own. It might sound a bit silly, but I'll explain. Albert's birth was...

Crochet snowflake- Beak Up Crafts

Crochet a Snowflake for a Good Cause

I love it when crafts and good causes go hand in hand especially when that craft is crochet, my absolute fave. LoveCrochet has teamed up with pattern designer BellaCoco and Three Bears Yarn to create a Crochet a Snowflake kit for the Home-Start Snowflake Appeal. Home-Start gives...